The Nature of Us: inspirational new crystal cuts for Fall/Winter 2017/18 

Sustainability is fundamental to Swarovski’s philosophy—the CLEAR compliance program, Advance Crystal standard, and Swarovski Waterschool all attest to this. So it is with great pride that the crystal company is launching its Fall/Winter 2017/18 crystal innovations with a special focus on sustainability, under the theme: The Nature of Us.

Swarovski has also embarked on a close collaboration with Céline Cousteau that echoes the theme, called Tribute to Tribe Collection. Famously dedicated to saving the oceans, more recently, this granddaughter of legendary ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau has been working with an indigenous tribe to protect the Brazilian Amazon’s fragile ecosystem. Her collection is based on the tribal decorations seen painted or tattooed on skin, and include the new Oval Tribe Fancy Stone, the Rhombus Tribe Fancy Stone, and the Cross Tribe Pendant

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In addition, The Nature of Us presents four further sub-themes:

Soul Food (Classic)

A humble aesthetic of down-to-earth, functional and gender-neutral lines prevails. The Oval Rivoli Fancy Stone suits designs of refined simplicity.

The Framed Cabachon captures today’s relaxed shapes and mixed materials, while the new Crystal Shiny Lacquer PRO colors include Crystal Dark Red and Crystal Ivory Cream,complemented by Crystal Iridescent Red Pearl

Work Life (Progressive)

Designers have noted the arrival of robotics in the workplace, and are humanizing this idea with jewelry in soft pastels with fun crystal elements. The new CombinationTriangle Family’s Alpha, Beta and Gamma Flat Backs suit everything from office wear to leisure looks.

Crystal Dark Grey
, the new Crystal Shiny LacquerPRO effect, opens up a range of contemporary design possibilities, while timeless gemstone colors of Crystal Royal Red and Crystal Royal Blue add color injections to eclectic styles, perfectly responding to the new consumer mood.  

Travel Age (Romantic)

The desire for remote destinations and their cultures inspires a new design ethos, where global references are mixed to create a contemporary appreciation of the unknown.

Céline Cousteau’s Tribute to Tribe collection captures this spirit:
Her tribal-inspired Oval Tribe Fancy Stone, Rhombus Tribe Fancy Stone and Cross Tribe Pendant reflect a multicultural, sustainable future, expressed by Swarovski in the emerald-like Crystal Royal Green from the Crystal Shiny LacquerPRO range.

Party Spirit (Glamour)

A new direction sees the incorporation of a younger, irreverent attitude expressed in rebellious design statements with a modern, edgy glamour. The rise of festival fashion is reflected in the style and stage presence of music legends from the past: gender-neutral designs feature leather, chains, beads and crystals.

This attitude underpins the Kite Fancy Stone and the glam-rock Female and Male Symbol Fancy Stones. The exciting metallic effect of Crystal Rainbow Dark has a dark, oily pattern that suits the new “non-gender” glamour direction.