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Selecting the Stitch Type

In general, Swarovski products can be sewn on using a variety of stitch types.

Straight stitch

A stitch length should be selected that allows the stitches to fall in the spaces between the cups.

Zigzag stitch

The length and width of the stitch must be adjusted to suit the element being applied. The width of the stitch (B) should be 0.5 mm –1 mm broader on both sides than the crystal element (A) being applied. The length of the stitch (C) should be equal to about 2/3 of the width of the stitch. In some cases the tension of the upper thread must be reduced.

When applying products using a zigzag stitch, the use of an adapted presser foot is recommended.

Button sewing program

Crystal Buttons and Sew-on Articles can be applied using a button sewing program. Here the hole spacing must be selected.