Machines & Tools

The following machines and tools can be used for sewing and embroidering Swarovski products.

Adapted presser foot

To adapt a sewing machine’s standard presser foot (e.g. for sewing Plastic Trimmings on garments), affix two small plates to the underside of the presser foot with help of epoxy adhesive. Make sure that the plates are tailored to the height of the Swarovski product. When gluing, also be aware of the recommended width.

Plastic TrimmingsWidthHeightMetal plates
Art. 50 0022.7 mm2.3 mmArt. 9040/055
Art. 50 0033.4 mm2.5 mmArt. 9040/056
Art. 50 0044.4 mm3.5 mmArt. 9040/057