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Tools for Rivet Flat Shaft

For the application of the Rivet Flat Shaft no Back part is necessary. This reduces the distance between fabric and Rivet and also ensures a flat surface on the rear side of the fabric.

Tools for Rivet Flat Shaft

Please note: Lower die (art. 9070/010) was updated in autumn 2014. The new version can be used for all Rivet applications the former tool version was used for. However, for new Rivets such as the Rivet Flat Shaft, only the optimized version of the tool can be used. If a lower die art. 9070/010 was bought before October 2014 the tool must be replaced in order to apply the Rivet Flat Shaft successfully.

A vacuum pump and a vacuum adapter (art. 9040/023) enable easy intake and application of the Rivet Flat Shaft. Generally, it is recommended to apply this Rivet only on non-elastic fabrics like jeans or leather with a material thickness of 2 – 3.5 mm.

Please be informed that this articles can also be applied with an automatic attaching machine.

1 The spare part (plastic insert) is incorporated into the upper die as standard. It should be changed when it becomes worn.

2 Rivet Flat Shaft 53 003 is designed for ring rolling application and is self-backing. The Rivet can be applied either on automatic and semi-automatic machines or with a fly press. For application with the fly press use lower die art. 9070/010 without Back Part.