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Jeans Buttons

To apply Jeans Buttons, first fix the required dies into place in the fly press. When applying Jeans Buttons 1790/104, 1790/140 and 1797/140, the corresponding plastic insert has to be changed.

Please note the material thickness when selecting Jeans Buttons.

JEANS BUTTONS1790/10014 mm1 – 3 mm
1790/10417 mm1 – 3 mm
1790/11414 mm1 – 3 mm
1790/14017 mm1 – 3 mm
1795/14017 mm1 – 3 mm
1797/14017 mm1 – 3 mm

*This can vary according to the roughness and production of the carrier material.

Changing the plastic insert

Jeans Buttons