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Material Check

Before beginning the application process, you should always check whether the carrier material is suitable for Hotfix application. Please check the following criteria:

  • heat resistance (min. 120°C/250°F)
  • resistance against pressure
  • application area of the product
  • suitability of surface properties and absorbency

Checking absorbency via the water drop test

The water drop test is a quick and easy way to get an initial idea of the absorbency of the carrier material.

Apply a couple of water drops onto the carrier material. If the material quickly absorbs the drops, it offers good absorbency. If the water pearls off the carrier material, or if it takes a long time to be absorbed, the material offers insufficient absorbency. This can impair the effectiveness of Hotfix application.

Some textiles and special finishes are unsuitable for Hotfix application, due to a lack of absorbency.

This is a list of unsuitable carrier materials and finishes:

  • very tightly woven textiles
  • very thin fabrics, e.g. tulle
  • smooth leather and smooth imitation leather
  • hydrophobic or water-repellent treatments (silicone, synthetic resin as a waterproofing agent)
  • Teflon® coatings
  • stain-resistant treatments
  • easy-to-care treatments
  • fluorocarbon finishes
  • softening agents
  • select dyes (dyes with metal pigments)
  • enzymatic treatments

It can sometimes be helpful to wash the carrier material before application, in order to remove any unsuitable finishes (particularly softening agents), and thus improve absorbency.