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Basic Hotfix Principles

Hotfix elements have a coating of hot-melt glue on the back, enabling swift, simple application. This glue is activated by heat (applied either directly or indirectly via ultrasound), and bonds with the carrier material. When cooling, the glue hardens and securely and permanently fixes the elements in place. The Swarovski Hotfix adhesive is characterized by its wash resistance and easy-care properties. The temperature, application time and pressure can be varied according to the carrier material. Further details and information can be found in the Care Instructions chapter and in the Hotfix Selector tables.

Basic Hotfix Principles1 Crystal  
2 A – Foiling A brilliant silver-based (Ag) mirror coating with a rose-colored protective layer.
3 Primer: Transparent primer improves the bonding between the hot-melt adhesive and the A-Foiling.
4 Hotmelt adhesive:This transparent adhesive, developed by Swarovski, allows the application of the crystals on a variety of different materials.