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Applying Crystal Diamond Transfers on solid Materials

To apply Crystal Diamond Transfers on solid, wooden-based surfaces carry out the following instructions:

1 To program the CNC milling machine with the requested Crystal Diamond motif the individual .dxf file is required. Contact your Swarovski sales office to request this file.

2 Mill the cavities using a special 90° mill with a diameter that corresponds to the selected element. Clean the surface carefully using oil-free compressed air afterwards.

3 For an easier removal of the transfer film after the application, apply a small transfer foil on the edge of the carrier material.

4 Peel off the Crystal Diamond Transfer’s white protective film and place the Crystal Diamond Transfer in the desired position on the carrier material. The transfer film is lying on the small transfer foils, too.

5 Carefully clean the contact surfaces of the heat press while turned off. Position the carrier material in the heat press and set the application parameters. Make sure that the right application aids are used.

6 After the application is finished, use a pressing cloth or a heat resistant glove to apply additional pressure.

7 Once the product has cooled down completely, the transparent film can be removed at an acute angle with help of the applied transfer foil.

Please also have a look on the comprehensive video of applying Crystal Diamond Transfers on solid materials:

We do not recommend the application of Crystal Diamond Transfer on following fields of application:

  • In baths & wellness areas, due to high temperature and moisture ƒ
  • In contact with sweat, chlorine and other aggressive cleaning agents ƒƒ
  • Outdoors

Cavity production/types

Specific cavities need to be created when applying Crystal Diamond Transfers onto a carrier material with a solid surface. The cavity enables the Transfer to be easily positioned and ensures a higher protection of the crystal against mechanical and chemical stress. These cavities can be produced by milling (e.g. with CNC machines).

The individual .dxf file which is needed to program the machine includes position information (centre point of each diamond). It can be read by standard CNC machines.

For detailed information and instructions about cavity production/types please refer to the Application Manual and our “Gluing” chapter.

 Art. 1360 Cavity Angle
Additional Countersink
Twist/NC Drill 90° Diameter
PP 7


0.10 mm
1.5 mm
PP 122.0 mm
PP 172.5 mm

Hotfix Application of different stone sizes

A Hotfix application of one motif with different stone sizes is not possible in only one application step. In this case the specific design must be divided into separate motifs, which in turn must be applied separately, starting with the Crystal Diamond Transfers that feature the smallest stone.

Hotfix_Crystal Diamond Transfers on solid materials