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Post-Cleaning and Curing


Excess glue that escapes during setting can be carefully removed using a cotton wipe that has been soaked in a solvent, e.g. isopropyl alcohol. It must be removed while the glue is hardening, as dried glue cannot be fully removed.
Remember to follow the glue manufacturer’s instructions, as well as considering the resistance of the base material.


The curing time of the glue depends mainly on the temperature, or on the humidity in the case of silicone glues. Please note the glue manufacturer’s instructions.
To minimize shrinking and tension during hardening, we recommend a maximum curing temperature of 50°C (122°F), with the exception of two-component epoxy resin glues CG 500 (A+B) and CG 610 (A+B).
CG 500 (A+B) and CG 610 (A+B) can be cured at a maximum temperature of 100°C (212°F), without any changes to its properties.