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Applying Flat Backs No Hotfix for Mosaic Tiles

Due to their dimensions (outer dimensions and height) and coating (protective lacquer), select Flat Backs No Hotfix have been tailored specially for use in tiles and mosaics.

Protective lacquer is applied to the foiling of all crystals, and fully covers the reflective surface. Protective lacquer prevents moisture, cleaning agents, etc. from coming into direct contact with the reflective layer, which can lead to corrosion and damage it.

Long-term, satisfactory solutions can only be achieved with paper-glued mosaic tiles and the use of recommended tile glues and joint sealers. When working with net-glued mosaics, their absorption and storage of moisture means the support net must be completely removed in the areas where the crystals are to be applied. Find suppliers for tile glues and joint sealers on the supplier list. Solvent-resistant and alkaline tile glues and joint sealers are not recommended.

Unsuitable areas of application

  • In swimming baths and steam rooms
  • In contact with chlorine and other aggressive cleaning agents
  • In saunas, due to the high temperatures and moisture
  • Outside

Note: Please be aware that many tile glues and joint sealers can contain abrasive materials, which can lead to scratching of the crystal.
To avoid damaging the crystal, these parts should be carefully cleaned with mild, pH-neutral cleaning agents, and cleaning sponges.