Chaton Leather   Flat Back Leather

Swarovski classifies Advanced Solutions as innovative technical solutions that involve both specialized product and application knowledge. These may be the result of long-term internal research and development, or a fruitful partnership with an external partner. Swarovski has developed Advanced Solutions for certain areas and segments, whereby specific demands and requirements must be met. The following chapter presents a selection of application innovations and solutions available, which should be considered among the many application possibilities of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Chaton Leather

Chaton Leather is one of two innovative application solutions developed specially for the leather industry. The technique requires a considerable amount of technical know-how and is offered exclusively by Swarovski.

In general, smooth leather is one of the most captivating and challenging carrier materials for applying SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Because of the unique structure of leather, and its sensitive, treated surface, a standard Hotfix application is not recommended. Therefore, Swarovski has developed and patented a technique that allows Diamond Transfers to be applied to smooth leather.

Article explanation


  • The Chaton Leather technique is suitable for applying Diamond Transfers of crystal sizes PP 12 and PP 17.
  • The two crystal sizes can also be combined, if desired.

Colors and motif selection

  • This technique can be used for standard motifs and special motifs, and offers all the standard colors and effects of the Diamond Transfer range.

Diamond Transfer motif size

  • The maximum size of the Diamond Transfer motif is a Chaton Leather application on 480x197 mm.
  • In general, there is no minimum size for a Diamond Transfer motif.

Specification of the carrier material

Leather types

  • As leather is a natural product, each individual hide is unique. Leather can react differently to heat and pressure, depending on natural properties, as well as the processing and finishing methods.
  • Swarovski therefore checks each individual hide before beginning the application process to ensure optimum results.
  • In addition, Swarovski recommends a selection of standard leathers that are particularly suitable for applications using the Chaton Leather technique.

Size of the leather

  • The maximum size of the leather is 490x207 mm.
  • In general, there is no minimum size, though there may be some restrictions in individual cases.

Leather thickness

  • For crystals of size PP 12, the leather should be between 0.7 and 1.0 mm thick.
  • For crystals of size PP 17, the leather should be between 1.0 and 1.3 mm thick.
  • If both crystal sizes are to be combined in a single motif, the leather must be 0.9 – 1.1 mm thick. These thickness recommendations should be followed to achieve optimum application results.

Care instructions

  • Chaton Leather features natural leather as the carrier material. As leather can be sensitive and react differently to mechanical and chemical stresses, we recommend cleaning it with a soft cotton cloth.
  • In general, mild, pH-neutral leather cleaners produced by the leather industry can also be used, though these should be tested before the first application.
  • Please obtain further information from your leather supplier in order to achieve the required results.

Sample and order information


  • Testing and approving the customer’s leather for suitability
  • Developing the Chaton Leather motif required and drawing up the quotation
  • Placing and producing the sample order
  • Placing and producing the production order
  • Sending the final cut Chaton Leathers to the customer

Tailored sample and production orders can be requested at your nearest Swarovski sales organization.

Developing the Chaton Leather motif

  • Sending images and files in an accessible format (JPG, BMP, DXF), that reflect the actual size of the design and are of a good quality, is a major advantage in transforming the design into a Chaton Leather motif.
  • In your design instructions, please include the motif size as well as the dimensions of the leather, respecting the final maximum dimensions of 490x207 mm.

Sending the customer leather

  • To ensure the best possible use of the carrier material, please cut the leather into shape before sending it. Please add an extra 25 mm border on each side, to ensure optimum production results. (Example: if the final piece of leather is to be 100x50 mm, it must be sent at a size of 150x100 mm.)

Please note:

Due to technical/production-related tolerances when working with Chaton Leather, the final design may differ slightly to the original. As such, the design or the application (in the wider sense) may be subject to slight variation in each reproduction. As these variations are not considered a defect, no warranty claims can be made against Swarovski.

Alongside the general terms and conditions, special conditions also apply to Chaton Leather, which are sent with each quotation.