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Application Partner Network

As a company with a global sales network and deep understanding of the market, Swarovski has comprehensive knowledge of various application companies and their services from around the world.

Based on this knowledge, Swarovski has developed a global application partner network, made up of “Official Application Partners” and “Authorized Application Centers”. These partners offer a wide range of technical and product-related services, as well as tailored production solutions. In order to qualify and to get access to the application partner network, certain criteria with regard to application techniques, know-how as well as product assortment need to be fulfilled by the application partners. 

Application partners can assist you with a variety of application techniques, such as gluing, Hotfix application, sewing, embroidery, and mechanical application. In addition, many partners can carry out technically complex solutions, such as Flat Back Leather and the automated, mechanical application of Rivets. The services offered by our partners range from product and design consultancy, to prototyping and carrying out production, and make up a key component of our customer focus.

Should you require a professional partner to assist you in applying items such as Flat Backs onto interior, Transfer Motifs onto T-shirts, Rivets onto belts, or Plastic Trimmings onto jeans, the “Application Partner Platform” or your local Swarovski office can offer guidance.

Application Partner Platform (APP)

The “Application Partner Platform” enables you to find the right application partner swiftly and easily, wherever in the world production may be taking place. Through a tailored “search function”, you can send out a specific, detailed request (e.g. searching for a specific country, an application technique, or products) to select partners around the world.

The platform is made up of two core areas – “Find a Partner” and “Become a Partner”:

  • Find a Partner
    Using the search function, this area enables you to locate the best application partner for your application work. You are immediately provided with a list of application partners, which you can download and save. If you use the search function for a specific enquiry regarding an application service, you receive detailed information from the application partners contacted.

  • Become a Partner
    If you are interested in becoming an application partner yourself, the “Become a Partner” section contains key information on the requirements and an application form to complete. Your local Swarovski office will then contact you as soon as possible.

Link: Access to the Application Partner Platform