General Care Instructions

A light layer of dust is most easily removed with a clean, dry and antistatic cloth. To avoid unsightly fingerprints on the crystal, wear white cotton gloves during the cleaning process. For heavier dirt, lukewarm water with a little dishwashing detergent will suffice. Ideally you should use a damp and clean microfiber or thin, lint-free cotton cloth. Gently wipe each individual crystal and dry with a clean cloth. Again, wearing white cotton gloves is recommended.

When cleaning with moisture, make sure to use cleaning agents that do not damage the surrounding material.
By correctly cleaning your Swarovski crystals, you will restore their full reflectivity.

Not following Swarovski care instructions can damage the product and thus lead to damage of textiles or other damage.

Please note that with all standard washing processes (whether carried out by a household washing machine or via dry cleaning) the rotation of the drum places significant mechanical forces on the textiles. The most important factor in ensuring a secure wash is correctly applying the product, without compromising its adhesion. The larger the product employed, and the more products are applied next to each other, the greater the risk of damage. Swarovski products are made out of crystal or contain crystal and must thus be handled with suitable care.

In general, it is recommended that a soft wash bag is used and that the washer drum is filled to protect against damage. To maintain the quality of crystals from Swarovski, the following is also important: before washing, turn items of clothing inside out, select a gentle wash cycle, and use a mild detergent. According to DIN EN ISO 3758, our care instructions list all product groups, meaning each product used by customers must be assessed separately with regard to its wash-ability and suitability for its purpose/the end product. The recommendations given by Swarovski reflect our current level of knowledge. Swarovski uses these recommendations to decide on the suitability of the product for textile applications. Customers are solely responsible for defining the recommended cleaning process for the end product, and must consider the care advice of Swarovski and any other manufacturers in doing so. The type of shape, cut, surface effect, and size, as well as the weight of the application and the quantity of crystals used has a significant impact on the cleaning process to be followed.

To avoid all risks, customers/textile cleaning companies should remove any large crystal stones, buttons, etc., that have been stitched on before cleaning, and stitch them back on again afterwards.