Edelweiss FS PF

Fancy Stones & Settings

Fancy Stones are offered in numerous shapes ranging from classical gemstone inspired cuts to progressive trend cuts. They come in a huge assortment of different sizes and colors. Settings are un-plated brass components, each specifically tailored to a Fancy Stone.

Size: 23.00 mm
Color: Crystal (001)
Foiling: F
Material No: 5123737
Packing Unit (=Minimum Order): 18 Pieces
Average Net Weight (per Packing): 72 Gram
Average Gross Weight (per Packing): 101 Gram

Available Variants


No other effects available for the current configuration.


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Additional Information

Application Info

Stone Setting
Various crystals from Swarovski can be employed using metal settings. Crystals can be set manually (using pliers, metal spatulas or punching tools) or by machine.

Crystals from Swarovski can be glued to a wide range of materials in a variety of application areas. The greatest quality is ensured by following the entire application process.

The application with Ceralun offers the possibility to set crystals from Swarovski without using prongs or glue. Due to the close proximity that crystals can be set, the resulting look is of exceptional brilliance. Ceralun has been tailored to embed foiled and unfoiled Swarovski crystals. It is a versatile and powerful two-component, high-performance ceramic epoxy composite.Ceralun has optimal adhesive characteristics for applications on metal, glass,crystal, glueable plastic surfaces, rubber, wood and cork. In addition, the mirrored surface of the crystal is protected against mechanical stress by the gentle build-up of adhesion, the optimized load transmission, and the maximum elasticity.