A Helping Hand Across the World

Swarovski’s founder, Daniel Swarovski, was a philanthropist who believed profoundly in giving back to his local community.  As the company has grown into a global business, Daniel’s vision has also grown into that of caring for the global community, and it has done so through the Swarovski Foundation. The Foundation was set up in 2013 to honor Daniel’s philanthropic spirit, and it does so by supporting charitable initiatives working to foster culture and creativity, promote wellbeing, and conserve and improve the natural environment. These are a few of the organizations that are supported by the Foundation:

Fostering culture and creativity

Swarovski Foundation is a major supporter of the Design Museum in London. It has helped to develop a world-class learning center for design, enabling the museum to expand and enrich its learning provision through an inspiring design-led education program. The Swarovski Foundation Centre for Learning will attract up to 60,000 learners annually, bringing together the worlds of formal education, informal learning, and professional design. Please follow this video summarizing the wonderful collaboration between the Design Museum and Swarovski Foundation.

The idea behind MediCinema is simple: to install and manage state-of-the-art cinemas in hospitals and health facilities that are specially adapted to suit wheelchairs, hospital beds, drips and monitors. The aim is to bring the magic, joy and escapism of the movies to patients. The Swarovski Foundation supports the MediCinemas at London’s Guy’s Hospital and St Thomas’ Hospital. One young patient, Uzayr, recently underwent a kidney transplant. He has never been on holiday and can’t enjoy social activities, so his enthusiasm for MediCinema is boundless: “It’s a fantastic way for children like me to forget about our worries and our pain.”  

Promoting Wellbeing

Women for Women International seeks to empower marginalized women in countries affected by conflict by creating support networks, enabling the sharing of experiences, learning critical skills, and accessing new resources. The organization’s partnership with the Swarovski Foundation is currently transforming the lives of around 500 women in Nigeria, by engaging them  in a one-year holistic training program. It will help them build income-generating skills, knowledge of their rights, and improvement of their health and wellbeing. One of the participants from the WfW program is Monica. After years of domestic violence at the hands of her husband, and no financial support for their children, participating in the program truly allowed her to rebuild her life: “Now, with an income, I’m able to save and manage my finances. It wasn’t easy at first, but I believe I’ve achieved my goal, because I have been able to move from poverty to a stable and fulfilling trade, whilst at the same time gaining independence.” 

Motivation strives to improve the quality of life for people living with mobility disadvantages in the world’s poorest countries. Without mobility, millions of disabled people are unable to leave their homes, attend school, or go to work; consequently, many live in extreme poverty. The Swarovski Foundation provides wheelchairs to help them get mobile and play an active part in their communities. Having contracted malaria as a baby, six-year-old Faluk’s legs are too weak to carry him. Physiotherapy was unaffordable, but his father found out about Motivation’s free Parent Carer Training: “The training helps a lot. Before, we didn’t want Faluk to play with other children, as we didn’t like what the neighbors said about him. But we learned that we can educate the community and encourage our child to go out and play.”

Teach For America – New York, Teach For Thailand, and Teach For Austria  are part of an international network of 40 sister organizations under the Teach For All network. The Swarovski Foundation supports them in their  shared goal of eliminating inequality in education. They recruit and develop outstanding, diverse graduates and professionals to commit two years to teaching in high-need schools and aim to give a good education to the most disadvantaged students regardless of their backgrounds.

Swarovskis Foundation Room to Read in India

Girls Education program India

Room to Read envisions a world in which all children can pursue a quality education to enable them reach their potential and contribute to their communities. The charity focuses on literacy acquisition and gender equality in education in developing countries, promoting language development in early primary school and secondary school. The Swarovski Foundation supports the Girls Education program in India, helping participants to develop the interpersonal and social skills needed to negotiate key life decisions and lead the change towards inclusive education for girls in their communities.

Conserving Natural Resources

WaterAid transforms lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation. Around 42 million Ethiopians have no access to clean water; 71 million have inadequate sanitation; and 18,000 children die every year from unclean water-related diseases. Water is a key issue for the Swarovski Foundation, which supports WaterAid’s project in Ethiopia’s Chelia and Toke Kutaye Districts. This provides access to water and improved sanitation systems, and educates local farmers on water usage.