Crystaldust Gifts

Crystal bangles and cuffs, Swarovski crystal bracelets as corporate gifts

Swarovski Crystaldust Cuff & Crystaldust Double Bangle

Give the gift of shine with the new Swarovski Crystaldust spiral and open cuff bracelets. Introduced in the Fall/ Winter 2016 Crystal Galaxy collection, these on–trend Swarovski crystal bracelet silhouettes bring a touch of sparkle when worn alone, or create a brilliant impact when stacked together.


Beautifully crafted using Swarovski’s innovative Crystal Rocks technique and finished with embellished stainless steel-capped ends branded with Swarovski and capped off with a large crystal on each end. The Swarovski Crystaldust bangles feature an open-shank silhouette that is on-trend and comfortable, similar to the wildly popular Slake and Stardust designs. 

13 Irresistible Crystaldust colors

These brilliant Crystaldust cuffs are lavishly encrusted with Swarovski crystals in crisp monochromatic tones of black, golden, blue, gray chrome, white, dark green, bright green, red, fuchsia pink, rose pink, and a purple that features tiny crystals. Multicolor cuffs are available in a stunning jet and chrome combination and a purple cuff embedded with multi-hued Paradise Shine Crystals that shimmer with light and color.
Available as cuffs and bangles

With these cuffs or the double bangle a touch of glamour can be brought to any look, day or night..

They are the perfect corporate gift for employees and valued business partners who want to make a fashion statement.

These sparkling Crystaldust bangles are only one example of the luxurious Corporate Gifts Signature Collection.

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Swarovski presents a glittering galaxy of stylish corporate gifts that are sure to please — a brilliant array of scene–stealing jewelry and accessories for every occasion!


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