1. Correct reference to products

Correct reference to products

Use the Swarovski® trademark solely in reference to Swarovski® Branded Crystals.

The Swarovski brand represents specific set of premium crystals marketed by Swarovski under the Swarovski brand, and its use may not be extended to any other goods or services. Use of the Swarovski trademark in reference to products bearing other brands, including other brands produced or marketed by Swarovski, would be misleading to customers and consumers, as well as damaging to the Swarovski brand.

Specifically, the Swarovski brand must not be used in reference to products that are produced and marketed by other companies, or that are marketed by Swarovski under a brand other than the Swarovski brand. Nor should it be used in reference to finished and semi-finished goods that incorporate less than 100% Swarovski® Branded Crystals.

Any use of the Swarovski trademark in these contexts could be misleading to customers and consumers and could potentially subject you to liability for trademark infringement, false advertising, and unfair competition.

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