Four reasons for a retail collaboration with Swarovski

Stand out from the crowd by creating a high-value retail experience

Swarovski Retail Collaborations Exclusivity

Create a special shopping experience for your customers, both in store and online: A one-of-a-kind creative concept made with Swarovski crystals generates an aura of luxury and exclusivity, throwing a dazzling spotlight on the product.

When you choose a tailor-made collaboration, your brand is immediately linked to a premium fashion name. Not only does this distinguish you from your competitors, it also means that pieces created by the world’s top designers are available exclusively to your customers.

Benefit from a dramatic increase in traffic, both in-store and online

Swarovski Retail Collaborations Benefits

Retail collaborations with Swarovski are strongly supported by a comprehensive communication program that includes, for example, a glamorous launch event, a media day, or an online ad campaign. We’ll help you achieve a significant increase in relevant consumer traffic1 by creating a custom 360° global communication campaign, both online and offline. All supported by our comprehensive network of media and blogging contacts. Moreover, since Swarovski is among the most searched jewelry brands2 of all, with a brand value of $5 billion3, the creative possibilities for enhancing your retail performance are endless.

A collaboration with Galeries Lafayette garnered 170 million online impressions.

JCKOnline, Swarovski ranked 3rd among top 15 jewelry sites by estimated traffic (October 2015)

3 European Brand Institute, Eurobrand 2015 – Austria – EUR 3,264 billion

Forge an emotional connection with your customers

Swarovski Retail Collaborations Benefits

With entertaining coverage of Fashion Weeks around the world; collaborations with key fashion and lifestyle bloggers; and our special relationship with major world media events such as the Academy Awards and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Swarovski has access to a spectacular range of content. As a Swarovski partner, you’ll benefit from these diverse and engaging stories with inspirational themes that will resonate perfectly with your customers.

Increase your turnover and profit margin

Swarovski Retail Collaborations Benefits

Associating your name with a known and trusted global brand allows you to leverage your customers’ preference for products embellished with Swarovski crystals—this enables you to achieve premium prices and drive up demand for your ranges. We have carried out studies4 showing how end-consumers are willing to pay 44% more for items displaying the ‘Crystals from Swarovski’ seal of authenticity.

4 A study with 3,200 consumers (25–55yrs, female) in Germany, Italy, China and the USA (May 2014). Includes jewelry, apparel, digital and leather accessory products.

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